Sunday, March 23, 2014


I'm in the bookstore now, and I can literally count on ONE hand the number of relationship books I found written specifically for men. At least as far as the ones I respect.

Let me rephrase that question which is the title of this post: Where are the relationship guide books for men that offer advice and techniques that actually work?

There are some books out there written for men; mostly by women and metrosexual girly dudes who probably hang with girls going shopping and getting pedicures.

But there are so few manly relationship books geared towards guys out there, that it's a crying shame.

This is as much an indictment against the publishing industry as it is the whole billion dollar relationship information industry.

Most of the stuff on the market today written for men and women simply DOES NOT work. Yet every year hundreds of new titles come out, a few even making it onto the NY Times best seller list. And nobody stops to ask: did those last 4000 relationship books even work? And is your life any better after reading them?

How many more books do women need to read, written by some celebrity crush before they realize: the problem is not the guys you've been dating sweetheart. The problem is really YOU.

Fellas, I heard your cry. I identify with your frustration for the lack of under-representation in the relationship info market because, I once felt the same information famine as you.

If it's not a book written by some nerd-turned-relationship guru, teaching Jedi mind tricks to use on's something written by Captain Save'a'Ho that still feeds into the false belief that men are the problem and being practically gay is the only solution.

Well I'm here to refute those lies. You can be successful dealing with women without paying $10,000 for the privilege. (Some of the courses being sold to men actually run this high.) You don't have to tuck your scrotum sack in just to be more appealing to women. And you don't have to go around believing that women are impossible to figure out.

The realties are: women are a lot easier to understand than you think; you don't have to be a wimpy kiss-up to meet gorgeous ladies; and you don't need some fancy course built on Rhode scholarship approaches to dating.

All you need is a little mental push in the right direction.

And that is what Flip the Game provides. It's REAL relationship advice for REAL men, that actually works! It covers over 27 chapters of the sort of topics you'll NEVER see written in one of those pansy books written for girly men.

From the very first page to the last word, you'll be empowered, inspired and motivated to go out into the world and claim your crown boldly.

When these principles get down in you and become a part of your natural way of thinking, women will find themselves strangely drawn to you in ways they never were before.

I'm so sure this book will change your life that if you don't notice immediate changes taking place in your way of thinking while reading it, I'll even go out on a limb and make you a full refund offer.

Let's see how many other relationship "gurus" will make you that offer. I can tell you now they won't. Because their info is regurgitated spam; mine is based on real world application.

All I ask is that when your life does change...and it shall...Spread the word by telling others about it. Fair enough?

Good. Enough said. Now go download your copy of Flip The Game: Serious Game for Game Changers. Do it ASAP. It's the last book written for men on relationships you'll probably ever need. And one of the rare ones you can find anywhere that actually work.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review of The Black Russian

Little known black history: Fredrick Bruce Thomas

Born a few years after the Civil War in 1872 on a farm in rural Mississippi, Fredrick Thomas went on to live a storied life, the likes of which was unheard of at the time. With very little education and even less money, this brother moved from the Mississippi Delta, first to Chicago; later to Brooklyn, where he earned his living as a waiter and hotel valet.

This was long before blacks migrated north en masse. And racism up north was just as restrictive as in the south. While in Brooklyn he got the idea to do the unprecedented: to escape the oppression of American racism by going overseas and moving to London, where he pursued a career as a singer.

But it didn't work out. So he supported himself the only way he knew how: by waiting tables. He got so good at it that he eventually earned enough to leave London. From there he traveled to and lived in France, Germany, Monte Carlo, Venice, Vienna, Budapest; eventually making his way to Russia. This was in 1899!

He liked Russia so much that for the next 20 years he made it his home. He quickly put his service skills to use and before long was the owner of two of Russia's most famous and popular entertainment venues and restaurants.

He settled into Moscow and amassed a huge fortune worth tens of millions of dollars in today's money. His portfolio included prime Moscow real estate near the Kremlin, several apartment buildings: some of which stand today as historic sites, as well as purchasing a seaside villa in Odessa that he paid the sum of $3,000,000 for. This was his vacation home.

Not bad for the son of former American slaves!

He was one of the most famous men in Moscow, regularly dining with Russian royalty and its famous and wealthy citizens. He spoke fluent French, Italian, German and Russian.

When the Russian Revolution kicked off around 1918, he lost everything and had to flee with his life and the lives of his wife and children. Yes, the brother even married a Russian woman; two in fact; his third wife being a beautiful German dancer who performed at one of his night clubs.

Taking only what he was able to carry, he fled Russia, arriving in what is known today as Istanbul Turkey. And true to style, it didn't take Fredrick long to totally reinvent himself in Turkey and he became a millionaire all over again.

When greatness is in you, it's just in you! It'll manifest itself through you no matter where you are.

If America is feeling too restrictive to you these days, don't be afraid to see what the world has to offer. Life is one big fantastic adventure! Who knows where you might end up...?

Be sure to check out a book titled: The Black Russian by Vladimir Alexandrov. My newest favorite book.

Manhood Violations

Fellas, you can't expect a woman to respect you if you're acting more feminine than she is. Feminine masculinity is an oxymoron. I know you were told that being in touch with your feminine side was what women today want. Uhm, no they don't. Women today want the same thing women yesterday wanted: MEN. Never a cheap substitute.

Some of you dudes act more clingy and girly than your lady. And that's most likely why you can't keep one for very long. No woman wants to hear all about your former relationship war stories. She may feign interest; but you best believe the whole time you're rehashing your heartbreak, she's wondering what that OTHER guy is up to that she turned down in favor of you.

So if you're the he-motional type who can't control his emotional outbursts; or the type of guy who can't be away from his lady for one hour without the need to constantly blow her phone up with calls and text messages: you might wanna go visit the manhood clinic and get your balls back. Better yet: tell them you need a new pair, because the last pair suddenly stopped working for you.

Let's talk briefly about some other manhood violations:

*Not maintaining a steady work flow *Having no place of your own to live

*Staying home all day playing Call Of Duty or Madden, while your lady goes to work and brings in the income

*Dropping your seed recklessly all over town and not doing everything you can to take care of them

*Taking shirtless pics of yourself standing in the mirror. Put that bird back in the cage homie! Don't nobody wanna see that taco meat on your chest

*Going to church just to find a new jump-off. Don't laugh. It happens.

*skinny jeans (you lost ALL manhood stripes for this one)

*Telling women you love them, just to get some poontang

There are a thousand others I could list here. But time simply won't permit. Why don't you help me out. List some other manhood violations in the comment section below.

Moral of the story is: earn a woman's respect first, before requiring that she does so automatically. There are so many fake men out here leading women astray, a man has to be thorough with his in order to separate himself from the pack of thirsty hyenas. But once you do, you can easily win a woman's allegiance for life.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Ultimate Attractor Factor

Game confession: I don't chase women. And thinking back over my life I rarely have. Those I did chase in my younger days, I ended up playing myself in the chase.

Women typically don't like to be chased. There are those few exceptions where a female with a weak ego enjoys having the feeling of being pursued by a bunch of thirsty men. But those are the exceptions.

Women like to be seduced. Major difference. Some folks may find what I'm about to say offensive, but you have to take the serpents approach to women.

Remember in the story about Adam and Eve? There was the serpent-devil, wrapped up in a tree, chilling and minding its own business. Quietly eying Eve. Waiting for her to get close enough for it to make its move. What was the devil wrapped up in? A tree. But not just any tree. It was a tree of knowledge; of both Good and Evil.

That's the stance you need to take when dealing with women: one of being rooted in superior knowledge and wisdom. Women are generally attracted to guys who they deem have something they don't already know or possess; someone who has the ability to unlock her. It's the ultimate attractor factor.

Another thing to note is the type of knowing the serpent offered Eve: good and Evil. In other words: it offered her the chance to experience the full range and totality of her own emotions: both the good ones and the bad ones.

Haven't you noticed how certain guys who most would label as bad or a jerk often end up with the hottest looking females? Even when he shows himself to not be good, pretty females still find themselves drawn to the very guy who hurts them, makes her cry, breaks her heart, and in worst cases physically abuses her. And she'll stay! Why?

Because the serpent very craftily observed a void existing in the heart of the woman:  

While she could readily experience her good emotions without effort, she had nothing to deeply contrast them with. So he offered her the chance to experience the good and the bad side of herself. It was the ultimate temptation too good to resist.

How does this play into your situation today? Simple: learn how to tap into the vast reservoir of emotions that are pent up within a woman's psyche. And they are vast indeed. And learn how to artfully exploit them. Hopefully for good.

Believe it or not, women occasionally like to feel the lows of their emotions. They like you more when you have the power to make her cry and laugh, worry and feel secure. They WANT the good and the bad. If you only provide the good feelings without allowing her to also experience the bad from you, you'll leave her incomplete. And she'll go searching for something or someone to bring out in her those deeper, darker feelings.

(This also works on the flip side. If you only provide heartache and pain for the female you're dealing with, you'll leave her incomplete as well. And she'll be more likely to find that good she's lacking in some other smooth talking, fun loving guy.)

This is the reason for the popularity of love novels and female erotica. Books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Zane's Sex Chronicles allow women who lead otherwise boring average lives to experience the spicier side of their existence. Some women are so intrigued by this normally hidden side to themselves that once discovered, they become like virgins having great sex for the first time. They may even start seeking extracurricular activities outside their normal relationships.

Some of you are losing out on females because your approach and stance are all wrong. You come off as a beggar: acting all inferior. "Hey, how ya doing? Can I talk to you for a minute? What's your name? Can I call you?" 

 Like I said: beggarly.

Women aren't generally attracted to men who are at their level. They're more intrigued by men who they feel are above their level. And I'm not just talking finances here. Again: satan had no cash to tempt Eve with. He tempted her with knowledge that she couldn't access anywhere else.

That's another game code: You have to position yourself as the go-to person who has the knowledge that can upgrade a person's life or give it a deeper sense of meaning.

My hats off to you if you can manage to do both. A woman will always find men attractive who have the power to awaken the totality of her emotional spectrum. The good and the bad. A woman you're dealing with should to some degree both love and fear you.

While we're talking somewhat religiously, learn a lesson from the minister TD Jakes. Just keeping it 100: he's not the best looking man. He's chubby. Talks with a lisp. Balding. Definitely not heart-throb material. But I remember when he first came on the scene. Everywhere he went anywhere around the nation he could pack out a venue filled with tens of thousands of crying, emotional, attentive women. Hanging on his every word.

What's his secret? What's the secret for a man with average to sub par looks being able to have thousands of women hanging onto his every word? That's it: he had something to say!

He had something to say that women deemed worth hearing. Even if they had to stand in line for hours and sometimes days just to get a good seat so they could be near him when he says it. That's power. And it's a power any man can have if he's willing to become a student of the game, a student of women, and be willing to do the work necessary to become an upgraded version of himself.

Get into a woman's psyche, get into her head. And you'll have the key to access every part of her: mind, body and soul.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flip The Game: Serious Game For Game Changers

It's been a while since I last updated the blog. But I've been busy. Put out a few books, doing some Facebook stuff. But my biggest work has been finishing up and completing Flip The Game: the book.

It's finished, ready and available for sale. Just go to and download a copy now. Only available in ebook formats for Kindle, Nook or Pdf.

If you enjoyed my blog posts, this is the culmination of it all, in one book for easy reference. Again, my apology for the delay. Enjoy!

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